jueves, 16 de octubre de 2014

Payday 2 CRIMEFEST in GTA IV too!

I made time ago this little mod, so, today, I think in release it!

18th is a third aniversary of the PAYDAY franchise, one of my favorite game saga, so, OVERKILL decide give us 13 gift if we can get more than 1500000 members in his group on steam, and, we did it! So for celebrete it, I decide to release this little mod today!

Hoxton mask!


1º-Replace with OpenIV = "playerped.img".
2º-Save and Rebuild.
3º-Use Trainer to spawn (or play again the mission Three Leaf Clover)


PD: PAYDAY: THE HEIST is free on Steam! (Only for today 16 october)

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