jueves, 11 de junio de 2015

Liberty City III [GTA V Map]


1º - Download Five-M
2º - Put 'lc3' folder in "usermaps" on root of Five-M(if it dosn't exist, create it)
3º - Before you "log-in" in Five-M, press the right key of 'L' on your keyboard, then put in console 'Invoke-LevelLoader lc3'
4º - Done

Thanks to:

NTAuthority - Five-M/Tutorial
OpenIV Team - OpenFormats Tool
GTA III Rage Classic Team - The conversion of the map for GTA IV
LINK/2012 - Water tutorial
Jestic - Help


viernes, 5 de junio de 2015

Custom models come to GTA V!

Thanks for NTAuthority for his tool/tutorial/method (Five-M)

"The first test"

and the current work.


I did a tool for do it more easy, .IDE and .OPL to .JSON convertor.

1º Press "Convert" buttom
2º Select the folder where you have the .ide file
3º Select the folder where you have the .opl file
4º Go to "C:\Users\YourUser"
5º You will see an "Desktopyourfile.json", rename it and copy on the folder of your map
6º Done

Check also the tool of LINK/2012